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Preparation room

The foundation of the entire design process is the appropriate preparation
of the printing materials. We make use of state-of-the-art CTP technologies
(Computer to Plate) for printing matrices to ensure the highest quality of our prints.

The digital proof, which we present to customers for
their approval, is the best way of checking the work
before issuing it for printing. We use the EPSON proofing
machine, which enables us to correctly adjust the color
of the work when using the offset machine. Each proof
complies with ISO standards and features FOGRA39
certification. We apply the TECHCON spectrophotometer
when matching colors to the client’s sample.

During the subsequent stage, from the files prepared
by the graphics department, CTP plates are exposed
using platesetter by KODAK.  This process, known
as CTP technology, begins with a computer and ends
with an offset printing form.