Quality and Product Safety Policy

The primary objective of the Granpak Sp. z o.o. printing house is to produce high-quality packaging that is safe for the consumer, complies with legal requirements and meets the needs and satisfaction of our customers.

We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business to enhance the service we provide to our customers as well as to sustainable improvement of the organization’s internal processes.

Additionally, we take care to ensure that our products are not exposed to external contamination and contact with sources of potential danger, and thus the packaging is not a root cause of danger to the food products contained within.

Satisfaction of each Partner and ethical business is essential for the success of the company and for maintaining the reputation of a good partner.

The implementation of the Quality Policy is based on the common awareness that the responsibility for the quality of the tasks performed lies with all employees of the company.

We undertake to personally supervise and make available all necessary resources to maintain and improve the Quality Management System.

All packaging is manufactured in compliance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP), thanks to which the actions taken and hygienic conditions are controlled at all stages of production to ensure full safety of the packaging produced.

The above assumptions are consistently met through:

  • continuous improvement of staff and management qualifications,
  • teamwork,
  • conscious involvement of all employees,
  • implementation of investments,
  • taking care of the plant’s fixed assets and infrastructure,
  • preventing the causes of incorrectness,
  • long-term and partnership cooperation with suppliers.

We declare a constant will to implement the Quality and Product Safety Policy, resulting in customer satisfaction as well as organizational success.

This policy is known and available to all company employees.

Effective as of 03/03/2020.