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Offset printing

The highest print quality is ensured by our three modern, multi-color
KBA printing machines. We provide printing in B0 and B1 formats.
of even the most sophisticated designs.

The printing process is fully automated, which ensures repeatable
production quality
and the identification of potential errors as
early as in the first prints. We print using the B0 format, with
a maximum sheet size of 1450 x 1060 mm, on a base that is
0.06 to 1.2 mm thick, and with the possibility of printing on corrugated

We also provide printing in B1 format with up to 6 colors and
the option to print with UV ink on non-absorbent surfaces. The
maximum sheet format is 740 x 1060 mm, on a base that is from
0.06 to 1.2 mm thick. Our offer is greatly enriched by the capabilities
of towers used for applying dispersion, UV, and hybrid varnishes.